Body pains caused by emotions

Your emotions and your emotional state can cause pain and disease, I know this first hand. I was working a high-stress executive position when I had my first anxiety attack. Shortly after I began breaking out in hives/a rash. Nothing had changed in my diet, home-care or routine to justify the reaction. Over time I realized that the stress of my job had caused a physical reaction. Years later, and after changing positions, I’ve yet to experience another flare. I’ve also learned to manage my stress, say no and make time for myself.

While studding the unexplained rash, I came across many documents discussing pain and the manifestation of pain.  Here is the breakdown of how pain in certain areas may be related to emotions:

  • Head: Lack of balance with overall mental, physical and/or emotional health.

  • Eyes: Not wanting to see or not being seen. Eyes are also linked to ovaries, uterus, testicles, and prostate. 

  • Ears: Wishing you hadn't heard something or hoping not to hear something.

  • Throat: Not speaking your truth.

  • Neck: Rigid thoughts, narrow minds/closed minds

  • Shoulders: The right shoulder is family, the left is internal emotions, personal growth and various areas of individual health (mental, physical, emotional)

  • Upper back: Self-blame. The left is sadness, the right is self-blame.

  • Lower back,: Unexpressed feelings, sexual tension, fear of life, fear to act and general blocked energies.

  • Heart: regrets, sorrows, sadness, loss of an object or a loved one, fear, sadness, rejection, abuse or any other hurtful feelings, fear, certain blockages due to unfortunate love experiences, or imbalance between giving and receiving. 

  • Lungs (asthma/coughing): anger, fear and lack of vitality 

  • Stomach (digestive): old ideas and rules regarding family or school, religion, doctors, lifestyle. Rumbles in the stomach may come from fear and anxiety. Indigestion is caused by thoughts, feelings, and ideas that no longer belong in the individual’s life, fear of change and fear of being disapproved. 

  • Intestines: If the brain can’t solve or remove thoughts, they are stored in the intestines.

  • Liver: This is where long harvested fear and anger live.

  • Gallbladder: Anger that has turned into disgust or depreciation.

  • Pancreas: “something is missing”, “I’m not where I wanted to be”

  • Spleen: A constantly busy and overfilled schedule, the loss of a job or relationship, the death of someone or something.

  • Kidneys: The are of the body is treated in case of shock, trauma, illness, surgery, emotional imbalances, stress of any kind, allergies, lack of vitality and automatic fear responses.

  • Gastrointestinal tract (bowel): Repressed feelings. Diarrhea is caused by the removal of old feelings, thoughts, ideas which have not been confronted or resolved. 

  • Ovaries/Uterus: Issues with birth and anger.

  • Bladder: Guilt and anger.

  • Prostate: Helpless, lack of support, guilt, rage.

  • Thighs: Lack of support, fear.

  • Knees: Right knee is related to money and support, pain can be related to lack of income or support. The left knee is related to emotional support or lack thereof.

  • Ankle: Not understanding the “why”, over-analyzing.

  • Foot: Not understanding where you stand with a person, situation, in a role, or spiritually