Knowing what your values are seems simple. Have you ever put them on paper? I hadn’t. I was reading a book and came across an exercise, which I’ll share in a moment, that asked some really simple questions and really made me think. Initially I had 3 values (love, learning and health, which evolved to 5: love, learning, community, adventure and wellness.  3-5 values should be sufficient although if you choose to be more detailed I aplaud your accomplishment! You must be an overachiever with high standards. Its ok, I’ll be lazy with my 5 and move onto the exercise!

1) write down your values as you understand them today. (Boom, already did it!) 

2)  write down your daily schedule.

3)  write down your daily budget 

4) does your daily budget and schedule reflect your values? (Mine did not 👩🏻‍💻) 

5) if someone saw your schedule and budget, what would they assume? (That I’m lazy, sit at home, watch a lot of tv and eat excessively... Houston, we have a problem... literally. Cause I live in Houston and I have a problem.)

6) what aspects of our society/culture do you like and how do you support them?

7) what part of our society/culture do you dislike and how do your actions change them? 🤯 

Woah nelly! Did anyone else have a major “ah ha moment”? Or did you panic and think that you’re really messing up and need to change EVERYTHING!?!

Stay calm and remain seated until this ride has come to a complete stop. I promise you’ll be ok.  

Here’s what you can do: fix it. If you’re making choices daily, monthly, annually that are too far removed from your values then stop. Apply your values and think about these questions when you’re making choices. 

Example: Do I want a Veggie Supremo pizza and an IPA for dinner because I’ve had a long day, it’s easy and satisfying? Heeeeeeck yes I do! Does this align with my values? Love- debateable, sometimes a little pizza self-love is needed. Learning? Nah. Community? Does supporting local business count? No, this does not support my goal of community involvement. Adventure? Nope. Wellness? I think we can all agree that this is not the healthiest of meals and I’d probably feel pretty unhappy afterwards. So I don’t get the pizza 👎🏼 and choose to make something that is more in alignment with my values and goals 👍🏼

 “That’s one small step for (wo)man and one giant leap for (wo)mankind”

And that’s all it takes; one small step every day to achieve your goals. By sticking to your values I can guarantee a life of happiness. 


Interested in the book? Modern Guide to Energy Clearing by Barbara Moore